Australian musician Kell Taylor wears many different hats. He's a singer/songwriter, a multi-instrumentalist, a composer, a film scorer, a producer, and a teacher. He grew up in the Blue Mountains and in recent years has lived, studied, and worked in Sydney.

Kell is known best for both his 2010 EP 'Sleeping On Trains' and subsequent Australian music festival appearances, and his work facilitating people with a range of abilities to engage in music.

Recently Kell has been gaining recognition with award winning film scores for a variety of Australian independent short films.

Kell's second ep "At The Wheel" was released in February 2013. In May he will embark on an extensive tour of Europe.


  • "At The Wheel" - EP LAUNCH

    9 February at 15:39 from atlas

    I'm launching my next ep "At The Wheel" at the Mars Hill Café in Parramatta on Saturday 23rd February. As always, I'll be joined by Evan ...

  • EP Mastered

    17 April at 14:44 from atlas

    So the EP is mastered and now awaits the artwork. Very happy with it. Still loving it even after all these listens! The plan is to ...

  • Greetings from 2012

    9 January at 10:35 from atlas

    Happy New Year. I'm back into the swing of things now as I'm sure most of you are as well. I hope 2011 finished well for everyone and ...

  • Digging up Bamboo

    29 November at 17:32 from atlas

    It's that time and things are getting busier and busier. Quite different to when I was younger. The end of the year usually meant less ...

  • 11Eleven Project

    13 November at 10:30 from atlas

    Hello Everybody. ...



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